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Lincoln Mark VII LSC

1990Lincoln Mark VII LSC

What to do when you couldn’t afford a new one in 1990…

As a newly minted 27 year old Audit Manager at accounting firm Arthur Andersen& Co, I had my heart set on a brand new Lincoln Mark VII LSC in celebration of my promotion and upward financial mobility. Not just any Mark VII (they were an old mans car to me), but an LSC, Lincoln-speak for Luxury Sport Coupe. You know, the “younger successful guy model” with the Mustang GT’s 225 horsepower5.0 liter V8, the wider BBS wheels and the “fake wood-less” black leather interior. That was the one I wanted! But at a $30k list price back then, the LSC was out of reach. At $17,500, I settled for a Thunderbird Turbo Coupe instead. But I never stopped loving that Lincoln even though finding a good one n the past 10 years or so has seemed impossible….until 2021.

I stumbled on this spectacular example that had been driven less than 5,000miles since new and had been maintained in a climate controlled garage its whole life. Bought new at Cross Roads Lincoln-Mercury in North Carolina and used sparingly as the owners “special occasion” ride, this white over black LSC looks, drives and handles as if it were 1990. The perfect chrome, the supple black leather interior, the smooth motor and quiet, tight ride, all support the low mileage and like new condition.

I took me over 30 years, but I got my LSC! I’m movin up in the world!

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