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Ford Mustang Mach 1


Ford – 1969 Mustang Mach I, Gulfstream Aqua with matte black hood, louvers and spoiler over Black interior. 390 cid, 4 barrel carb and 320 bhp, with a Richmond 5 speed transmission, Hurst shifter and 4 wheel disc brakes. Beautifully nut and bolt restored and well equipped including new digital instrumentation meant to look original, contemporary sound system that appears original, Magnum 500 wheels and full console. Car is like new on top, underneath and inside.

I love going to muscle auctions but there are just so many “lipstick on a pig” cosmetic restorations where disappointment up close is far more common than not. But every once in a while there are the telltale signs of a talented restorer that has put his heart, soul and certainly wallet into a project. That’s what I found at this beautiful Saturday afternoon in Indianapolis. Randy Meier, his partner and their wives from M&R Restorations in Wisconsin, in lawn chairs huddling next to their most recently completed masterpiece all day Friday and Saturday morning, were nervous about the impending sale. Randy took me through his work in painstaking detail and I was mesmerized. What had started as an Indian Fire Red 390 Mach 1 on a largely rust free frame had been taken apart panel by panel, nut by nut, bolt by bolt and restored to a level I had not seen before in a 69 Stang. Important upgrades like 4 wheel disc brakes, modern instrumentation behind original looking gauges, a 5 speed Richmond transmission connected to a beautiful Hurst shifter all covered in one of the nicest, deepest and richest Gulfstream Aqua paint jobs I had ever seen. I got it home after stepping up to the $$$$ it deserves and found a car that drives even better than it looks. Bravo

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