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Fiat 124 Lusso Spider "Red Top Edition"

So what do you drive when you’re looking for something fun, economical and rare that’s perfect for local commuting and cool spring, summer, and fall afternoons? Might I suggest a “FIATA”, the Italian automakers interpretation of Mazda’s Miata with an Italian motor, Italian flair, and especially Italian rarity. You see, all Fiat 124 spiders are rare; heck they only sold about 3500of them in the US in all of 2018. (Fiat truly has no idea how to sell cars in the US). But how bout making it rarer still by ordering up the Lusso model(that’s the most luxurious model) and then rarer still, the “Red Top Edition” that trades in that dreary black convertible top and dark interior for a deep red top and light leather interior. Contrasted up against a beautiful silver metallic paint job and you’ve got yourself a unicorn; and for not a lot of money.

My 2018 Lusso had only 4,000 miles on her when I bought it and I just love to drive her anywhere. The 1.4 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged motor puts out a very healthy 160 horsepower and handles both local traffic and the interstate with ease. My biggest surprise is how easily the top is lowered and raised; one hand from the drivers seat while driving is commonplace. This car is a sleeper — no one knows what a great value they are — and a fully loaded Red Top feels to me like the most special of all.

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