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Chevrolet Cosworth Vega


Chevrolet – 1975 Cosworth Twin Cam put away for investment as a collectible over 40 years ago! Number 1,678 of only 2,061 produced. 2.0 litre hand built fuel injected 4 cylinder motor producing 110 hp through an aluminum die cast 16 valve cylinder head with double overhead camshafts. This is a 4 speed car and is essentially brand new. There’s just something about the underappreciated efforts of performance minded engineers that I’m a sucker for. John DeLorean (that’s right, that John DeLorean) wanted Chevrolet’s all new small car entry (the Vega) to compete favorably from a performance perspective with its strong competition from Italy (Alfa and Lancia), Japan (Mazda) and even Sweden (Saab). While the Vega debuted in 1970, it took DeLorean 5 years to get the GM brass to approve this racing bred motor and by then, the base Vega had developed a spotty reputation for being underpowered and unreliable.

The race bred Cosworth twin cam was universally applauded by the automotive press but it was expensive (just $900 less than the Corvette) and the Vega’s reputation was too much to overcome by then so they didn’t sell. What a shame because this car is amazing and had been only treated to a re-spray in the late 90’s because the original paint had dulled by then. That’s it. Otherwise, you’re looking at an original, stored and largely undriven investment. I’ve got it running like new and have put a few hundred very enjoyable miles on it. Now I’ve got to decide whether to use it as the incredible daily driver it is or to maintain it as the rising value investment that it inevitably will be. Enjoy the pics!

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