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2021 Porsche Taycan EV

Porsche Taycan EV

So if you’re an enthusiast, how do you first dip your toe in the EV pool when Tesla’s just seem so..... well, you know.... ubiquitous. I mean, they’re everywhere and as good as they’re supposed to be, you just want something more unique and hopefully more performance oriented. That’s the logic that led me to my favorite Porsche dealer and the purchase of my first electric. Introducing the 2021 Porsche Taycan in Gentian Blue with matching 21” Mission E wheels, full glass roof and the premium package for comfort inside. After driving the far more expensive Taycan 4S and the ludicrous Turbo models (Turbo??...isn’t it electric??), I felt like the Base model was the bargain of the bunch that felt anything but “Base”. Awesome power, premium feel top to bottom, and a “reasonable” price. This is a hard car not to fall in love with. Enjoy the pics!

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