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2021 Porsche Targa 4S 7 Speed Manual

Porsche Targa 4S 7 Speed Manual

One of the more enjoyable opportunities for any car enthusiast has to be going and “building” your own 911 just the way you want it. After many, many years of dreaming about doing just that, I “built” the “perfect grand touring 911” (at least in my very jaded opinion). As the open and quiteextravagant Targa models are among the rarest of 911’s, one spec’d in Aventurine Green with Chalk full leather interior and a manual 7 speed matched with the larger “S” motor would have to be one of the coolest around, wouldn’tit? Add to that sport front and rear clip treatments, gloss black trim, sport exhaust for just the right sound on the outside and the incredible Burmester concert stereo for just the right sound on the inside and you have anincredible grand touring 911. Enjoy the pics!!

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